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This page is for updates on the site. I will post news about the site, site updates and progress, future hopes for the site, and general news. If you have any thoughts to share, please email me.

  • 06/15/10: 2010 Update

    Well, it has been a real long time since I have posted. Sorry for the delays and thanks for all the emails. I will be adding a lot more to the site real soon. The delay was caused by well... life. Three kids, a wife, a big yellow lab, and a full time job have a way of getting in the way of website updates. Also, last year I launched a new blog format that would allow for interaction with all of you via comments and I never expected so much spam. Literally thousands of spam messages ended up on the site so I have removed that and gone back to the old format. More coming soon. Stay tuned...

  • 06/07/09: Harvey Haddix

    We recently passed the 50th anniversary of Harvey Haddix's 12 inning masterpiece. The Braves won the game in the 13th 1-0 and ended Haddix's 12 inning perfect game. Here is a link to an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the game. A good read about an amazing piece of baseball history.

    Harvey Haddix

  • 06/07/09: Oh What If...

    Watching the Brewers play the Braves this weekend is kind of a tough mental exercise. On one hand are the Brewers, my home team and favorite team. The only team I have known. On the other side are the Braves. My second favorite team and the romanticized Milwaukee club of the past. Every time I watch these two square off I wonder if Milwaukee will lose the history of the Braves. Thirty years from now, will Brewer management still recognize the remarkable team from the past? I sure hope so. It also makes me wonder, what if? What if in 1964 or 1965 Selig and others would have realized the fight was lost but asked for one concession, keeping the Braves name and records? Back then, nobody asked for this type of thing. Now it is more common, like the Cleveland Browns. The ownership probably would have gladly agreed as long as they could get a quick exit to Atlanta.

    Milwaukee would have still lost baseball for five years but in 1970 when Selig returned baseball to Milwaukee we could have been the Braves again. Now it's impossible, the name is forever with the Atlanta club and the Brewers have their own history, although still without a title. I love the Brewers but honestly would change the name in a heartbeat if we could. The Braves name in Milwaukee evokes such great history, a world championship, and thirteen straight winning years.

    What would you choose, the Brewers or Braves in name only?

    Milwaukee Braves Uniform

  • 12/29/08: We just hit 10,000 visitors! Keep up the traffic and keep the memories alive!

  • 12/24/08: A great addition to our reader stories was added. Check it out. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  • 12/22/08: Red Murff's obituary has been posted on the Eulogies and Obituaries page. He passed away November 28th.

  • 12/21/08: A new reader story was added. We are closing in on 10,000 visitors to the site!

  • 12/20/08: It's been a long time since my last post. Apologies for the delays. There should be a lot more content coming soon so please email me new photos, stories, etc. My PC crashed after my last post and I am still recovering data. What an exciting season for the Brewers. I thought maybe Milwaukee would see another World Series champion again, but we must wait. Thank God the Braves won one for the city and state. More to come...

  • 07/11/08: Took my two sons (9 and 7) to their first game this last Sunday. 4th row behind home plate. Brewers won and it was great, another sell out. All this Brewers hype has me wondering if this is what it was like in the 1950's with the Braves. I wasn't alive then but I wonder if Braun resembles a young Eddie Mathews. This team has so much young talent. If they could keep it together it could be a revival like the Braves saw in the 50's. Let's hope the mania continues and Antanasio sees the possibilities of how Milwaukee will support a winning team. Go Brewers!!! I also got a big kick out of seeing the old Braves stuff at Miller Park. Kudos to Milwaukee for remembering its roots.

  • 06/23/08: 1964 Street and Smith cover added to magazine cover page. Features Warren Spahn. Great cover!

  • 06/07/08: I have added the Topps 1960 baseball card set that included the Milwaukee Braves. You can see it here. I have also added the 1961 set. I am still missing a few backs but most are there.

    Eddie Mathews and Hank Aaron
  • 06/01/08: Added a picture my 9 year old son drew of the Braves logo on the Readers stories page.

  • 05/26/08: I just completed the 1957 Topps set of the Milwaukee Braves. All backs are now included. As always if you can provide a better image, please let me know. Check out the set here. I have also added a Eulogies page. Gary Caruso contributed the eulogies he gave for Warren Spahn and Lou Burdette. Thanks Gary. Also a couple of new additions to our readers stories page.

  • 05/25/08: We just received an amazing donation to the website. A home 8mm movie camera video of Game 6 of the 1958 World Series. Game 6 was at County Stadium in Milwaukee and was won by the Yankees 4-3. The video is over five and a half minutes long and features shots of Aaron, Mantle and more. Clearly an amazing piece and addition to this site. A special thanks to Charlie O'Neil for donating this. Make sure to check out Charlie's website The Chuck Knoblog. You've waited long enough, here is the video. Enjoy (It may take a couple of minutes to download).

  • 05/23/08: Here is a great article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "It's titled "Aaron in a class by himself".

  • 05/06/08: One year anniversary of the site! So much accomplished. So much more to do.

  • 05/04/08: Updates to Magazine Covers. A great Dell Sports 1959 cover of Warren Spahn. Also I have completed the last of the pictures of the 1954 Topps Braves set. Check it out here.

  • 04/17/08: Brewer season is here and they get me thinking about the Braves just that much more. Can we only hope the young Crew can come together as the Braves did. I have lots of updates coming but I wanted to let everyone know I haven't forgotten about the site. I have a lot going on in my life right now that is taking me away from this site but I will be in full swing by the end of June if not sooner. Keep the emails and stories coming.

  • 02/04/08: A new George Webb page has been added to the site. This was a trip down memory lane for me and I am still craving some of those delicious burgers. George Webb has long been famous for their predictions that the Braves or Brewers would win 12 games in a row prompting a free hamburger giveaway. This page takes a look at those early years with the Braves. Some great photos thanks to Bobby Pantuso, the official George Webb Historian!!! Click here to go right to the page.

  • 01/05/08: Cover added of 1958 Dell Sports Annual. Features Lew Burdette. More updates coming. Some great clippings coming about George Webb and the Braves.

  • 12/31/07: Happy New Years Eve to everyone. I have added the magazine cover from the Street and Smith's 1954 Baseball Yearbook. Features Ed Mathews.

  • 12/27/07: The 1954 Bowman set is now complete. I not only finished the set but was able to upgrade the scans of the back of all the cards. Thanks to Wayne Perinich for the scans. You can see this set here.

    Eddie Mathews
  • 12/25/07: Merry Christmas to all. Just checking in on the site today and wondering what a good Christmas wish would be, Milwaukee Braves related. I already got a nice new Milwaukee Braves hat that I'm breaking in right now. A beauty from the Cooperstown Collection. Well, if I could have my Braves wish I think I know what it would be. It would be easy to say, I wish the Braves would have never moved for Atlanta. Honestly though, the owners were going to move them. I would have to wish that as a way of settlement to let the Braves out of Milwaukee, Milwaukee would have asked for the rights to keep the name Braves and the records. Much like Cleveland did decades later with the Browns. The owners might have given in on this just to stop the fight. The end result might have been an Atlanta baseball team with a name like the Flames or Thrashers (who knows...) and a new Milwaukee Braves team in 1970 instead of the Brewers. Wow, baseball history could have been different. Would the Braves be more beloved than the Brewers as a result? We will never know but that would be my wish today. This thought will at some point be part of a "What If" section of the site we will build. Happy Holidays.

  • 12/23/07: Box scores and play by play added for 1957 season through the month of April. Slow but coming along. Happy Holidays to all and let's share some Braves memories!!! Also added two new clippings for 1960 in the newspaper clippings section. Great pictures on some of those old newspaper pages.

  • 11/24/07: Lots of new updates coming. I have been swamped lately and haven't been able to update as much. Rest assured more updates are still coming and this site will be here forever!!! Great new reader story just added today in the Readers Stories Page. Thanks to Doug for a great story that will live on forever. My kids (age 8 and 6) already ask about this site and the Braves and know one day they will own this site and keep it going.

  • 10/10/07: HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY!!!!! 50 Years since the 1957 Milwaukee Braves won the World Series. Just today I received an email from Ken Germanson, a former Milwaukee Sentinel reporter who covered the Braves. He sent along this front cover. Note his story in the middle of the page. Thanks Ken!

  • 09/13/07: Added information on the Milwaukee Braves Historical Association (MBHA). You can find it here.

  • 09/08/07: Here is great story about Del Crandall submitted by a site visitor I thought you would enjoy. It is from the Star Progress on 08/30/07. Thanks to Steve for the article!!!

    Here is an article from JSOnline about the 50th anniversary celebration and dinner. Wish I could have been there.

  • 09/08/07: Sorry for the delays in updates. I just spent the last month or so on two vacations and just returned. I have some great emails and articles from some of you. Please be patient as I contact you and update the site. Lots of good stuff to come.

  • 08/19/07: Finally got the last of the 1959 Topps cards pictures added. Pizarro, card 188, back of card, was difficult. Lots of updates coming in September.

  • 07/27/07: Lots of great updates. Schedules & Results completed through 1965. Now all I need to do is link every box score. That might take awhile. Two great Reader Stories! Thanks for the contributions. Also, a ton of new magazine covers have been added. Did you see last weeks SI? Hank Aaron on the cover 43 years later!!!! Wow!!! Lots of new stuff coming. Keep the reader contributions coming too. This is all of our sites for everyone to share.

    Aaron at bat in 1964.
  • 07/21/07: Schedules & Results have been added for 1960-1962. A few more baseball card pictures were added. I also got some great stuff in the mail I will be adding over the coming weeks. It's great to see more Milwaukee Braves stuff out there now but too bad there has to be a Barry Bonds to bring it to that. Hank will always be the home run king. Here is an article on a museum display in Milwaukee honoring old Braves memories. I am very hopeful of some exiting news to come. I received permission to post some one of a kind pieces. It may take a couple of months yet, but it looks like it's going to happen. More to come on that. Drop us an email and share your Braves stories.

  • 07/15/07: Schedules & Results now include 1953-1959. More to come. Let's get some reader stories! Go Braves!

  • 07/11/07: It was great to watch the All-Star game. Nice to see some of the old clips. Even saw a few of a young Hank with Milwaukee. I've added the 1955 and 1956 Schedules & Results. A few new box scores were added to 1957 as well. Our first Reader Story came in as well. Thanks!!!

  • 07/07/07: I'm starting to put together the complete game by game schedules, box scores and recaps of every game. Obviously quite the undertaking. I have decided to start with 1957 and you can see what I have so far here. What a great season that was!!!

  • 07/04/07: Happy 4th of July everyone!!!! What a great 4th. The Brewers are in 1st place, trying to win their first world championship ever and Milwaukee's first since 1957. Also a shout out HI to Becky who visits the site frequently. I have a special 4th of July gift for all of you. Turn up your speakers and click on this link to hear Milwaukee The Home of the Braves song.

  • 07/01/07: I have just added the 1956 Braves Yearbook. This is the entire book scanned and brought to you for your viewing pleasure. I have also fixed the javascript error on the site. The menu at the top of the pages now work properly but are a little slow to load. I will try to improve that over time. Send me your Braves memories and I'll post them.

  • 06/25/07: Tonight I added the 1959 Topps baseball cards featuring the Braves. Make sure to check them out.

  • 06/21/07: New updates today!!! I have added a 1957 Scorecard from the Braves and Dodgers. I have also added some box scores from that game linked to the site. Recently I discovered that while my page displays fine on Internet Explorer, it has some issues with other browsers. Primarily the navigation bar at the top of the pages is not displaying in other browsers. I have hired some help for this one as the Javascript is a little beyond me. The scorecard I posted today was given to me by my Grandfather when I was a child.

  • 06/17/07: Happy Father's Day. I know this site is new, but any of you visitors out there, drop me an email and let me know what you think of the site so far. Today I have added the 1953 Season page. I have also added a few more newspaper clippings on that page. If you haven't seen that page yet, be sure to visit it.

  • 06/16/07: Lots of new updates in the last week or so. I have added the standings from 1953-1965. The home page has been updated with a brief history of the Braves. A site map has been added for those who do not wish to use the javascript at the top of the pages. Tons more pages to come. If you can help with any content, drop me an email. Thanks.

  • 06/04/07: I have added the 1965 Topps Braves set.

  • 06/03/07: A couple of more updates. I have added the 1958 Topps set, although I am missing a lot of backs yet. I have also added the complete 1964 Topps set.

  • 06/02/07: A couple of new pages have been added. A Logos page has been added. I have also added an All-Time Season Leaders Top 10 page. This page was compiled by myself by scouring the statistics and building a full pitching and hitting 13 year database. The hopes is to show an all-time Milwaukee Braves records page. Career all-time stats will be added in the future. One other note, I am trying to get two tickets to the August Braves reunion dinner. It is sold out, but if somebody knows where or how I can get two tickets, please drop me an email.

  • 05/28/07: Lots of updates. I am through the 1957 Topps baseball set, have updated the spring training page, team leaders are complete, and lots more. Check out the site and let me know what you think. We are in need of your stories and memorabilia for the site. Contact us and help us out. Thanks.

    Aaron with an infield tag.
  • 05/22/07: 1953 Johnston Cookies baseball card set was added to Memorabilia.

  • 05/21/07: 1954 Johnston Cookies baseball card set was added to Memorabilia.

  • 05/12/07: Complete 1953-65 roster added as well as Newspaper Clippings page started.

  • 05/10/07: Full pitching stats updated by season and team leaders through 1957 are updated.

  • 05/09/07: Well, I kicked off this site over the weekend (5/6/7). I have the main format up on the site and updates to some of the pages including all of the yearly batting statistics. I am in need of photos, stories, and anything Braves related that any of you can help contribute. Drop me a line and let me know what you think of the site.